Detailed program of the 2nd International Technical Cleanliness Forum & EXPO

Thursday 19.05.2022
9.00-9.30 (30 min) Opening of the 2nd International Technical Cleanliness Forum & EXPO Presentation of the main partner Quaker Houghton
9.30-11.00 (90 min) Presentation Technical Cleanliness Association “Parts4Assembly” Technical cleanliness experts’ presentations
   Hall I  Hall II
11.30-12.00 (30 min) Coffee break, time for discussions with speakers at EXPO
12.00-13.00 (60 min) I thematic panel – deburring and industrial cleaning technologies – STOBA, ATL, Parts4cleaning, NOYEN
  1. STOBA – “Stoba Specialized Devices – Technological solutions (P) ECM & Laser Technologies”
  2. ATL – “Thermal deburring process – process presentation with examples”
  3. Parts4Celaning – “Effective implementation of a washing machine for the cleanliness class”
  4. NOYEN – “Industrial cleaning according to technical cleanliness norms – from a just-machined part to a clean, packed product”
I thematic panel – Clean Room according to ISO 14644 – construction and validation – Parts4cleaning, CRK, BNT SIGMA, ECONSULTING
  1. Robust Quality Allience – “Clean production zone in your company: KC1, KC2 or KC3?”
  2. CRK – “Designing URS documentation for cleanrooms in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14644”
  3. BNT Sigma – “Presentation topic: Construction materials for use in clean rooms according to ISO 14644-14”
  4. ECONSULTING – “Clean zone classification – what to pay attention to when taking measurements?”
13.00-14.30 (30 min) Lunch, time for discussions with speakers at EXPO
14.30-15.30 (60 min) II thematic panel – preparation and maintenance of the washing and deburring process – QUAKER HOUGHTON, XYLEM, HYDAC, VEOLIA
  1. QUAKER HOUGHTON – “Sustainability in Cleaning process solutions is not just a trendy concept”
  2. XYLEM – “Xylem’s offer in the washing process”
  3. HYDAC – “Sample preparation for technical cleanliness analysis in HYDAC laboratory washers and new challenges in the Automotive industry – hydrogen purity testing based on the experience of HYDAC”
  4. VEOLIA – “A solution that reduces disposal costs and the amount of industrial wastewater in the areas of washing lines and surface treatment – Evaporation Technologies.”
II thematic panel – Clean Room according to ISO 14644 – materials and maintenance – Parts4cleaning, Prym-soft, Eco-Ekspert
  1. EKO-EKSPERT – “HVAC systems for maintaining environmental parameters in clean rooms.”
  2. PRYM-SOFT – “CleverSensors – Environmental data collection and control system for Clean Room rooms.”
  3. PARTS4CLEANING – “Practical implementation of CR class 8 in accordance with ISO 14644.”
15.30-16.00 (30 min) Coffee break, time for discussions with speakers at EXPO
16.00-17.00 (60 min) III thematic panel – industrial cleaning technologies – HOECKH, PERO, SAFECHEM, INVENTEC
  1. HOECK – Parts cleaning with full vacuum solvent systems
  2. PERO – “Using standardized cleaning systems to achieve the optimal cleaning solution“
  3. SAFECHEM – “Better cleaning through the right choice of chemicals and services”
  4. INVENTEC – “High quality solvent cleaning using hydrofluorinated solutions”
III thematic panel – technical cleanliness control during clean production – SITA, CARL ZEISS, GREENPOL, FANUC
  1. SITA – “Cleanliness Inspection Directly at the Process”
  2. CARL ZEISS – “TCA technical cleanliness analysis, innovations in the world of microscopy.”
  3. GREENPOL – “Noopli polymer, washable and antibacterial mats, as an excellent alternative to tear-off / sticky mats.”
  4. FANUC – “Effective and efficient use of robotics elements by robotic cells in the industrial cleaning industry”
17.00-17.30 (30 min) Coffee break, time for discussions with speakers at EXPO
17.30-19.00 (90 min) Panel discussion with industry experts
19.00-20.00 (60 min) Individual conversations with experts
20.00- 23.00 Formal dinner
Friday 20.05.2022
10.00-11.00 (60 min) IV thematic panel – Automation of clean assembly processes – 5S AUTOMATE, NOYEN, FLEXLINK
  1. 5S AUTOMATE – “Automation of clean processes – process planning and technical solutions”
  2. NOYEN – “Aqueous industrial cleaning technologies – complete solutions: compact machines, automated lines. Custom equipment, chemical products, service”
  3. FLEX LINK – “Modular transport systems for clean production”
IV thematic panel – Clean production lines – KIST+ESCHERICH, TEST INDUSTRY, LTA, TORK
  1. KIST+ESCHERICH – “Presentation for cleaning methods during production and assembly process.”
  2. TEST INDUSTRY – „How to organize leak testing during clean production to avoid recontamination?”
  3. LTA – “Oil mist filtration based on the ZJG Głuchowski company profile”
  4. TORK – “Break the routine – effective ways to optimize cleaning processes.”
11.00-11.30 (30 min) Coffee break, time for discussions with speakers at EXPO
11.30-12.30 (60 min) V thematic panel – Inspection of technical cleanliness of components before assembly – Parts4cleaning, OLYMPUS, BOSMAL, DHS
  1. PARTS4CLEANING – “Good practices in technical cleanliness testing”
  2. OLYMPUS – “Modern optical microscopy for analyzes in accordance with VDA 19.1, ISO 16232, VDA 19.2”
  3. BOSMAL – “Confirming technical cleanliness – challenges in the laboratory.”
  4. DHS – “Technical cleanliness control – comparison of controls using a microscope and a scanner”
V thematic panel – Technical Cleanliness Laboratory – equipment and management – PIK INSTRUMENT, PRYM SOFT, LEICA, KEYENCE
  1. PIK INSTRUMENT – “Comprehensive equipment of the laboratory with systems for the detection and classification of contamination on the surface of the detail. Technical cleanliness tests in accordance with ISO 16232 and VDA 19.1. “
  2. PRYM SOFT – “PureLAB – LIMS IT system for a technical cleanliness laboratory working in accordance with ISO 17025”
  3. LEICA – ”Meeting future requirements in cleanliness analysis Chemical identification of conductive and abrasive particles”
  4. KEYENCE – “New generation light microscopy – possible application spectrum of the 4K KEYENCE microscope”
12.30-13.00 (30 min) Summary and conclusion of the forum
13.00-14.30 (90 min) Lunch, networking

The organizers reserve the right to change the program.

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