Interview with Mr.Michał Miśkiewicz

ProMinent Dozotechnika

Today we present you an interview with Mr. Michał Miśkiewicz, sales engineer at ProMinent Dozotechnika. The company manufactures systems for liquid dosing and solutions for water treatment and disinfection. During our forum, Mr. Miśkiewicz discussed the topic of chemistry dosing systems in industrial washing equipment. Are you interested what is the main focus of the ProMinent Dozotechnika company? Be sure to check the video below.

Interview with Mr. Zbigniew Lewiński


Today, we will present you an interview with Mr. Zbigniew Lewiński, the general director of LTT. At our event he represented the German company ATL specializing in thermal deburring technology TEM. In an interview with us, Mr. Zbigniew very thoroughly discussed the deburring of the edges in hermetic work chambers using two gases. Are you curious about the whole process? Be sure to check the following video

Interview with Mr. Maciej Chmielewski


Today, we will present you with an interview with Mr. Maciej Chmielewski, representative of the company SAFECHEM. The company provides safe degreasing solutions for the metal industry. During our event Mr. Chmielewski presented legal solutions regulating the use of solvents in industry. The aim of the presentation was to increase the awareness of Polish entrepreneurs in this field. Learn more by watching a movie.

Interview with Mr. Adrian Lisowski


We present you a film that was made during the I International Technical Cleanliness Forum & EXPO. We invite you to listen to the interview with our employee Adrian Lisowski, sales and marketing manager of CM MTM CEE, who talks about the characteristics of the industry and the activity of our company. What distinguishes us on the market of manufacturers of industrial cleaning machines? You will find the answer in the following material.