Krzysztof Solich

Speaker: Krzysztof Solich
Company: Alchem Grupa
Position: Manager of Silesian subsidiary

Title of presentation: BioTectum cleanliness chambers as an element of clean room and technical cleanliness laboratory equipment.

Description: research leader and chief technologist in the EU project regarding the conduct of research and development works in order to create innovative laminar chambers for laboratory tests. For 5 years, he manages the production of BioTectum laminar cabinets and creatively participates in the development of the brand, resulting in the implementation of over 20 new models in the last 3 years. A graduate of the Medical University of Silesia in the field of medical analytics. He was the initiator and introduced to production of laboratory devices, which to date have found several thousand buyers such as SolPure water purification systems, laboratory incubators Q-cell, TermCON, laboratory coolers TermZEROm and many more. Currently, he devotes his time to use his experience and knowledge in advising companies in maintaining the required cleanliness conditions.