Zbigniew Lewiński

Speaker: Zbigniew Lewiński
Company: LTT
Position: Dyrektor Generalny

Title of presentation: Presentation of the Thermal Deburring Technology TEM concerning to the metal and plastic parts.

Education: Higher technical, graduate of the Faculty of Mechanics and Technology at the Warsaw University of Technology,
Major: construction and design of machine tools
Technical and economic, Technische Hohschule Darmstadt (Germany), Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen + Maschinenbau
Major: construction of machines and theory of economy

Experience: Constructor for surface grinders (ELB-SCHLIFF GmbH Babenhausen, Germany)
Constructor of grinding machines for crankshafts (NAXOS UNION AG, Frankfurt/Main, Germany)
Own business in the field of surface treatment technology (1994 – 2002: LTT Technologie Transfer (Schaafheim, Germany)
Own business in the field of surface treatment technology 1994 – 2013: LTT Maszyny i Technologie Sp. z o.o., Warsaw
2013 to today: LTT Transfer Technologii Sp. z o.o., Warsaw

Professional specialization: Deburring and rounding of edges (machining in loose abrasive, AFM, ECM and TEM technologies)
Finishing (grinding and polishing: machining in loose abrasive, diamond and CBN grinding wheels, ceramic grinding wheels), superfinish machining
Shot blasting (surface cleaning): pneumatic sand blasting, rotor shot blasting, shot blasting of large-scale structures using shot blasting robots)
Washing and degreasing of surfaces: spray cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning)
Anti-corrosion protection (thermal diffusion galvanizing).

Communication skills: Languages: Polish, German, English, Russian